Sweet Discovery: Nectacots

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Nectacots Close Up

Wandering through fruit and veg department at the supermarket yesterday somewhere between boring old apples and bananas I made a very exciting discovery – nectacots! Obviously I couldn’t resist buying a few for further investigation.

Nectacots CollageAs you’ve probably guessed, these little gems are what you get when you cross-pollinate a nectarine with an apricot. In the looks department, they’re all apricot, with the exception of shiny, fuzz-free skin, but, as far as taste is concerned, they have definitely inherited the flavour of their larger, smooth skinned parent.

Nectacots Bird's Eye ViewRose & NectacotsAs I bit into my very first nectacot this morning, I started to wonder what other types of hybrid fruit I’ve been missing out on?

Nectacots Close UpA few minutes later I was reading about apriums and pluots, both variations of an apricot and plum cross, pluerries (a plum/cherry mix) and the slightly more dubious lemato (yep, lemon and tomato!) among others. If you’re curious you can read more and see pictures here.

Nectacots cutAnother surprising discovery? The pomato plant which grows tomatoes above the ground and potatoes below! If you’re looking to test your green fingers you can find instructions on how to grow your very own pomato plant here.

Personally, I’m content with my nectacots for now and am tempted to make a little compote to go on top of some Greek-style yoghurt.

Nectacots & Knife

I do find myself questioning whether I have been a bit slow on the uptake with regards to the whole hybrid fruit scene.

Even more common hybrids such as boysenberries (raspberry, blackberry and loganberry – a hybrid in itself) and tangellos (tangerine/pomello or tangerine/grapefruit) are a rare find in the supermarkets here but have they taken the rest of the world by storm without me knowing?

Nectacots and Rose

Do you frequently find yourself munching on a pineberry or nectacotum? Share your hybrid fruit experiences below!

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2 Responses

  1. Laura (Tutti Dolci) 3 Mar,2012 at 4:13 am

    I love apriums and pluots – currently, I’m living in Central California and am fortunate that many of the hybrid fruits are grown locally and available at our summer farmers’ market. Last year I tried an angelcot for the first time – a hybrid Moroccan and Iranian apricot. It was absolutely heavenly, and the flesh tasted like honey!

  2. Amy 3 Mar,2012 at 10:30 am

    That sounds amazing! I would love to visit those Californian farmers’ markets and try some more hybrid fruit – something else to add to my list of things to see and do!


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