G’day * السلام عليكم * Bonjour * こんにちは。* Hola * नमस्ते * Dzień dobry * Здравствуйте * Ciao

About ImageHi! I’m Amy and this is my blog.

**Taking a little hiatus from blogging but will be back soon! See what I’m up to on Instagram**

Where I’m from: Melbourne, Australia, but I left there when I was a little girl and have moved around a lot since. At the moment home is Bahrain, a tiny island in the Middle East, where I live with my husband Mark and cat Tetley a.k.a. Scruffington, Scruff-mo, Pest…

Why I’m here: My motivation for starting this blog was to create an outlet for me to pursue my passions of food, travel and photography, to develop new skills and to share my experiences and discoveries along the way.

My hopes for this blog: TO LEARN and then learn some more. To share. To inspire. To create. To explore. To offer an escape from the insanity of life in the 21st Century – even if it is just for 5 minutes over a much needed cup of coffee.

To feed my insatiable appetite for discovery, and yours.

I’d love you to join me on my journey of discovery.  If you like what you see, I hope you’ll visit again and share the blog with others who might like it too.

You can sign up to receive new posts by email or in an RSS feed and you’ll also find me on Facebook, Twitter (@appfordiscovery), Pinterest and Instagram.

Your feedback means a lot. Got a question or ideas for future posts? Tried one of my recipes? All comments and suggestions are gratefully received.

You can email me directly at amy<at sign>appetitefordiscovery.com.

Thanks for stopping by,

Amy x

ap·pe·tite/ˈapiˌtīt/ A natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, esp. for food.

dis·cov·er·y/disˈkəvərē/ The act or an instance of discovering.

 *      *      *

All images and text are created by me unless otherwise indicated and are subject to copyright. Permission is granted for the use of one image taken by me and up to one paragraph of text for non-commercial purposes provided you include a credit and a link back to the original post on this site. Please contact me with any other requests. I don’t bite. Promise. 

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